Today more and more electronic/semiconductor technology is being introduced to make installations efficient. The backdrop of this is power quality issues accompanying such equipment which brings with it the likes of harmonics, transients, common mode voltages etc. which tend to effect installations adversely. Effects of bad power quality remain unnoticed and hidden from being blamed for failures or damages just because majority of the installations lack PQ monitoring completely or incase if is available have low performance meters installed. These then fail to capture appropriate data a must to analyse or report an issue with power quality.

An example of the PQGuard dashboard

Same can be a case of identifying causes of interruption or transients from Utility or client, a high performance PQ monitoring can be the difference while making any compensation claims. So the rationale for continuous power quality monitoring is clear: 

  • Satisfying existing and future regulatory requirements with respect to harmonic voltage distortion levels,
  • Continuous monitoring can ensure that any signs of any degradation in power quality are recognized timeously and remedial action taken to resolve matters before equipment is adversely affected leading to/or disruption, equipment failure and downtime.
  • A breach of safety with possible catastrophic consequences. In addition, any ‘events’ leading up to, for example, a total blackout of power is captured and used to assist in any investigations as to the cause. 

Here is where our PQGuard system kicks in. Offering a single and unified experience across all data sources and with all power quality devices, providing full functionality and a faster performance for data exploration, analysis and visualization.

Just some of the waveforms and parameters available:

Unique features depending on the system you choose includes: 

  • Sampling of 1024 Samples every cycle with our PQGuard meter
  • Recording every cycle ( Cycle by cycle)
  • Detailed trends of volts, current, frequency, apparent power, active,power, reactive power, true power factor, displacement power factor, harmonics, interharmonics, Supraharmoncis, energies
  • Recording harmonics upto 511th for voltage and 256th* for current
  • Waveform capture and display in
  • Recording of HF transient events from 19.5 micro seconds upto 250 nano second options
  • Remote parameterization of the units
  • Real-time display of parameters
  • Recording and printout of logs in table or graphic format
  • Creation of access users and profiles for the application with user name and password
  • Great versatility and very simple use
  • Custom event configuration (Alarms, Calculations, Sending Emails)
  • Construction of customised screens
  • Comparison of historical data stored in the system

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