Sentinel Power Quality specialises in identifying and resolving harmonics and other power quality related problems across a wide spectrum of vessels.

Sentinel Power Quality has power quality engineers located in strategic locations to provide global coverage, often available at short notice.

The personnel involved in Sentinel Power Quality have over 50 years combined experience in the marine electrical engineering field including harmonic mitigation, power quality and in variable speed drives. Indeed, the move into harmonic mitigation and associated services was initiated by the problems caused by the tremendous increase throughout the marine industry in the use of large or multiple electrical drives for main propulsion, thrusters, pumps, conveyors, compressors and other duties.

Sentinel Power Quality works with offshore safety authorities, marine classification bodies and organisations throughout world regarding the education of harmonics, electrical safety, power quality and some aspects of EMC.

In addition providing the appropriate mitigaiton products, Sentinel Power Quality offers a full range of marine power quality consulting services, harmonic rules compliance testing, onboard investigations and harmonics, power quality and EMC (common mode voltage) audits.

Sentinel Power Quality is at the forefront of the application of high performance, reliable, innovative and cost effective harmonic mitigating technologies, both passive and active, across the marine industry.

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