We are currently working on our renewables area and will have more information on renewables power quality products & services soon!

In power distribution systems, power quality is of great importance. The ability of a utility to supply a noise-free and stable power to the consumers defines power quality. Poor power quality will cause damage to electrical appliances and power distribution components.

On one hand, a large amount of renewable sources of power generation are kicking in like photovoltaic generation, wind turbines, tidal generators etc. there integration with grid promotes the utilization of solar, wind or ocean resources, on the other hand, for instance the photovoltaic generation brings new challenges on the planning and designing, power quality, operation, protection etc. Especially, after photovoltaic generation connected to distribution network, the topology and direction of flow of grid are changed, and simultaneously the power quality of users is influenced by photovoltaic power output characteristics. The impact of integration of photovoltaic generation with grid on power quality is mainly reflected in two aspects which are voltage fluctuation and harmonics.

At Sentinel Power Quality we help you analyze, report and resolve your problems related to renewable generation. We offer specialist onsite PQ analysis and audits which helps you diagnose issues which were caused by harmonics, power quality or EMC.

Sentinel Power Quality even offers solutions to help mitigate harmonics and monitoring solutions designed to provide automated reports showing your system health conditions and helping you to take timely actions and reduce maintenance costs.

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