For the industrial and commercial sectors Sentinel Power Quality Group provides a range of PQ services and conducted EMI services direct from the United Arab Emirates.

We offer a complete range of PQ/conducted EMI consulting services, audits, troubleshooting, investigations, and compliance testing to national harmonics and PQ standards.

 Note : For PQ/EMI services for marine and oil & gas sectors please contact the dedicated, specialist divisions featured on the website.

22kV measurements being carried out in UAE healthcare facility
Investigations into 3.3kV PFC discovered <1/2 cycle resonance events
GCC mass transit system required complex, synchronised AC and DC measurements
African water pumping station installed 12 x 1200kW series passive harmonic filters and site verification of THDi performance

PQ audits include :

  • Harmonics, power quality and conducted EMI audits.
  • PQ and conducted EMI investigations into marine equipment malfunction/failure
  • Diagnosis and monitoring of common mode voltage and current (due to VFDs) and other EMC issues
  • Studies (including harmonic modelling) on harmonics and related topics for power systems
  • Consulting services regarding all aspects of PQ

Advanced harmonics, PQ and conducted EMI measuring equipment

For investigations, Sentinel Power Quality Group utilise advanced, cycle by cycle PQ recorders which capture every single cycle, harmonics to 512th (voltage) and 256th (current), capture every PQ event and record over 5000 power and PQ parameters automatically. The data captured is then analysed by powerful investigative software.

Advanced cycle by cycle recorder used for harmonic and PQ
AC Current measurement to 25kHz and 6000A
Measurements of DC voltage and current to 1500VDC and 5000A

Sample PQ measurements : 

Example of 560kW 6 pulse VFD harmonic voltage spectrum
2 x 6 pulse 450kW DC SCR drives in a copper pipe factory
Total harmonic voltage due 2 x 6 pulse 400kW DC SCR drives in copper pipe factory
THDi tests on 315kW AFE “low harmonic” VFD on a pump application
Harmonic voltage spectrum from to 2 x 200kW “low harmonic VFDs which burned out a 2000kVA transformer with up to 10.4kHz voltage and current emissions
Performance testing of 360A active filter. Common mode voltage to generators and 9000kW of 6 pulse PWM VFDs
Resonance a 3.3kV as seen on 400V 6 pulse VFD. Resonant events each time occurred for <8mS (<1/2 cycle)

Common mode and other EMI measurements

For higher frequency measurements 200MHz/500MHz digital storage oscilloscopes with spectrum analyser capability are utilised for SCR drive line notching, voltage spikes, VFD output and common mode voltage/current monitoring.

6 pulse VFD output measurement on 1700kW pump drive
Full set of VFD output measurements being captured
Full set of VFD output measurement captured for analysis
Example of common mode voltage (1.98kHz)
Illustration of the relationship between common mode voltage and common mode current

Samples of the effects of common mode voltage:

Common mode voltage can adversely affect sensitive and susceptible electronic equipment. Fire Protection System : Top -No VFD running. Bottom 400kW VFD running.
Illustration of the relationship between common mode voltage and common mode current
Fixed speed motor bearing EMD pitting caused common mode voltage from adjacent VFDs

For medium voltage power systems dedicated VTs and CTs are normally utilised. For common mode and other EMI measurements, portable EMC spectrum analysers (1Hz to 30MHz) are also used together with differential adaptors and attenuation units for conducted common mode voltage and current measurements, near field probe kits and antennas for radiated emissions and sophisticated software to facilitate detailed reporting.

Dedicated PQ Engineers

Harmonic Solutions Marine PQ engineers are fully qualified electrical engineers to PhD level with extensive experience in harmonics, power quality and conducted EMI.  All PQ engineers have considerable knowledge in other associated electrical disciplines including variable speed drives (AC and DC), generators, motors and other equipment.

All engineers have valid medical certificates. For applicable countries, Yellow Fever and AIDs (negative) certificates and Police Reports from countries of residence are available. Negative COVID-19 test certificates and vaccine passports, when applicable, can be provided.

Sample of customers/projects :

  • Cladtech
  • Atlantis, The Palm
  • Eternity Technologies
  • Abu Dhabi Airport MTB/TCAJV
  • Dubai Maktoum Airport
  • Dubai Intl Airport/Honeywell
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Mafraq Hospital
  • Al Nakheel Hygienic Paper
  • Daiken
  • Dubai Metro/Serco
  • Nidec
  • WEG
  • Groupelec Morocco
  • Mueller Middle East, Bahrain
  • Al Gurg Automation & Controls

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