Sentinel Power Quality Group is THE leading harmonics, power quality (PQ) and conducted EMI expert in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and beyond.  We have over 35 years’ experience in the marine, oil and gas, commercial and industrial segments.

We carry out harmonics, PQ and conducted EMI investigations, troubleshooting and audits and if appropriate, can offer advanced passive and active solutions to overcome even the most challenging PQ and EMI problems. We have respected PQ consulting services to ensure your installation or project is correct and fit for purpose from a PQ or conduct EMI (due to VFDs) perspective.   

Our PQ engineers collectively have over 35 years’ experience covering up to the most challenging PQ problems including major airports and hospitals, chillers, papermills, marine vessels, offshore drilling and land-rigs, offshore installations and FPSOs, artificial lift systems for oilfields, DC metro transit systems and many more applications.

We have renowned PQ knowledge, experience and advanced measurement equipment to forensically investigate, diagnose and resolve your PQ and conducted EMI issues.  

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Sentinel Power Quality Group operations are mainly concerned with land-based installations (excluding oilfields). However, it has two specialist divisions, who are experts in their oil & gas and marine sectors. Both offer the complete range of PQ and EMI services and the appropriate mitigation for all applications in their respective segments and are available for worldwide mobilisation.


Harmonic Solutions Oil & Gas

Harmonic Solutions Marine

Please select the appropriate link for either Harmonic Solutions Oil & Gas or Harmonic Solutions Marine if your interest is in these areas. You will be taken direct to the appropriate website.

For non-marine and non-offshore/oilfield applications please continue to explore this site.



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