Welcome to Sentinel Power Quality, global experts in harmonics, power quality and related EMC issues to the Oil & Gas, Marine and Industrial industries.

Based centrally in the United Arab Emirates, Sentinel Power Quality, offers worldwide specialist services, including power quality consulting services, detailed site PQ audits, power quality and EMC measurements/investigations on drilling rigs and offshore platforms, oilfield ESPs (both offshore and onshore) and many classes of marine vessels. On land we cover the complete spectrum of applications from hospitals to airports.

The engineering staff at Sentinel Power Quality have over 60 years combined specialist experience including in harmonic mitigation, power quality (and related issues) and in AC and DC variable speed drives. Indeed, the transition into harmonic mitigation and associated services was initiated 20 years ago due to the problems caused by the vast upsurge of electrical drives worldwide throughout all industries.

Electrical drives are common place and have numerous benefits but they also have downsides which can present significant problems to electrical power and control systems (including EMC), often leading to very costly disruption and/or failures of equipment and on occasion safety concerns.

In addition to the specialist services offered by Sentinel Power Quality, we apply specialist mitigation products in conjunction with our main technology partners:

Comsys AB manufactures specialist high performance active harmonic filters (AHF) from 25A to over 3000A. Comsys AB, based in Lund, Sweden, are one of the market leaders in active harmonic technology with over 3200 ADF filters installed across the world; on ships, drilling rigs and industrial and commercial applications. Within the ADF range is the World’s fastest harmonic active filter (ADF P200) which also mitigates harmonics to the 120th order and is also used to eliminate resonance by adjusting the grid impedance.

For more information on Comsys and the ADF range please click here.