Providing Power Quality services worldwide…

Sentinel Power Quality, based in the United Arab Emirates, offers a complete range of specialist harmonics, PQ and EMC (including common mode voltage monitoring) related consultancy, site measurements and investigative services to the marine, offshore oil and gas and the oilfield and drilling industries (onshore and offshore). We have fully experienced PQ engineers located in strategic locations around the world to permit rapid mobilisation.

Site and other PQ services include :

  • Harmonics, power, power quality and EMC surveys/audits
  • Site investigations into equipment malfunction/failure
  • Monitoring of common mode voltage (due to VFDs) and other EMC issues
  • Studies (including harmonic modeling) on harmonics and related topics for industrial, offshore and marine power systems
  • Training in harmonics and related issues

State of the art harmonics, PQ and EMI measuring equipment

For investigations we use state of the art, cycle by cycle power quality analysers which capture every single cycle, record harmonics to 511st for voltage and 255th for current and every capture single PQ event.

Advanced 200MHz digital storage oscilloscopes with spectrum analyser capability for detailed waveform analysis on applications including SCR drive line notching, voltage spikes and common mode voltage monitoring. High voltage (2kV) probes and CAT1V 1000V equipment ratings ensures the capability to measure at most demanding applications. For medium voltage systems dedicated VTs and CTs are used. Special micro-fibre probes are used with 200MHz oscilloscopes to measure shaft voltages on generators and motors.
For common mode and other EMI measurements, portable EMC spectrum analyzers (1Hz to 30MHz) are used together with differential adaptors and attenuation units for conducted common mode voltage and current measurements, near field probe kits and antennas for radiated emissions and sophisticated software to facilitate detailed reporting.

A comprehensive report is issued following every site visit or on completion of a paper study.

Dedicated Power Quality Engineers

Sentinel Power Quality PQ engineers are fully qualified Electrical Engineers with extensive experience in harmonics, power quality and EMC both offshore (and onshore). In addition, all engineers have considerable knowledge in other associated electrical disciplines including variable speed drives (AC and DC), generators and motors and other offshore (and onshore) electrical equipment.

All specialist engineers involved in drilling and offshore work in the US, UK, UAE, West Africa and South East Asia are BOSIET (inc. HUET) and MIST certified and have current medical certificates. For applicable countries, Yellow Fever and AIDs (negative) certificates and Police Reports from countries of residence are available upon applicable.

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